• Improves noise reduction attack and release characteristics (The firmware update will only work with rev A02 and above)


1. Download and locate the new Plex firmware file called "" by clicking the download button above (XXX = version number).

2. Double Click on the "" to open its contents.  Once the contents are visible, extract the "firmware.bin" file onto your Desktop.  You will come back to this file later in the instructions.

3. Press and hold the master/voice knob while plugging in the power supply; be certain not to release the master/voice knob until the power supply has been plugged into the Plex Pedal.

4. The LED display should be displaying an "F" to indicate that the Plex Pedal has now entered firmware programming mode.

5. Connect the USB cable from the Plex Pedal into the USB connection on your PC/Mac.  

6. The Plex Pedal will now be recognized as a drive on your PC/Mac; the drive will be labeled as "GK PLEX".

7. Proceed to open the GK PLEX drive.  Once the drive has been opened there will be a file located inside the drive named "FIRMWARE.XXX"

8. Delete the FIRMWARE.XXX file located in the GK PLEX drive. (Mac: Please empty your Trash as well) 

9. Drag and drop the "firmware.bin" file that was extracted in Step 2 into the GK PLEX drive.

10. Once the file has been successfully copied into the GK PLEX drive, the center light on the LED display will turn GREEN upon success, or RED upon failure. 

Side Note:  Check all the functions on the Plex Pedal to ensure it is functioning as expected.