Roberto "Ra" Diaz is the bassist for the seminal thrash punk band Suicidal Tendencies.

Born and raised in Chile, Southamerica, he is a great story.

The bass player who practiced and practiced to one day be in his favorite band and follow the legendary bassists Robert Trujillo, Josh Paul and Steve ‘Thundercat’ Bruner. His friends said he was crazy, but his family
believed in him as he first left to Mexico in 2010, United States in 2013 and then finally getting the call to join the legendary band in early 2016 embarking on a full North American tour as direct support for Megadeth.
He was also joined by legendary drummer Dave Lombardo, creating one of the most powerful rhythm sections in today's metal circuit.

In May 2016 the band was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, and in September 2016 their newest album "World Gone Mad", first to feature Diaz on bass and Lombardo on drums was released.

"I'm extremely honored to be a part of this band's history and legacy. Listening to Suicidal Tendencies influenced me in so many ways and knowing that I might be able to do the same thing for others with this album
is truly a dream come true.", said Ra. 




Photos by Melissa Castro